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NBA 2k23 Locker Codes

NBA 2k23 Locker Codes with the reward info and the expiration date.

250K-SUNDAY-MTP-TOKENS-YBW5H MTP or Tokens 3/5/23
NBA2K-LAL-GSW-SUNDAY Series 2 Pack and a 2 Hour Double XP Coin in MyCareer 3/5/23
250K-SATURDAY-DELUXE-PACK-UY3V Deluxe Pack 3/4/23
OKC-PHX-SZN5-2K23 Radiant Pack 2/25/23
MYTEAM-DIAMOND-DEVIN-BOOKER-4U Diamond Devin Booker 2/26/23
FINAL-GAMEDAY-ALL-STAR-PACK MyTeam All-Star Pack 2/19/23
ALL-STAR-JORDAN-23-IN-MYTEAM Diamond Michael Jordan 2/21/23
SZN4-CAV-PEL-AS23 MyTeam Pack and 1 Hour XP Coin for MyCareer 2/12/23
MYTEAM-RUI-HACHIMURA-C7P55 Diamond Rui Hachimura 2/15/23
ASK-A-DEV-LOCKER-CODE Prize Board Invalid date
MYTEAM-OUT-OF-ORBIT-KMART-EV6K Diamond Kevin Martin 2/9/23
NBA2K-SAT-76ERS-NUGGETS Cosmic Pack and MyCareer Apparel 1/28/23
2K23-MyTEAM-HA-SEUNG-JIN-X8WN Amethyst Ha Seung-Jin 1/30/23
KOBE-81-POINTS Amethyst Kobe card for the Kobe Challenge 1/27/23
2K23-MyTEAM-LNY-JEREMY-LIN-17 Amethyst Jeremy Lin 1/25/23
NBA-2K23-PARIS-SZN4 Fance Prize Ball 1/24/23
HAPPY-MLKDAY-2K23-TGH3 2XP Coin, Apparel Items and MLK Name Plates 1/16/23
MYTEAM-MLK-DAY-2K23 Deluxe Pack 1/23/23
DEN-LAC-2K23-SZN4 Flightschool Pack 1/14/23
MYTEAM-TRIVIA-FIREWORKS-ETDC2 Unactionable Fireworks Pack 1/7/23
GD3-DELUXE-BADGE-PACK-8QH92 Deluxe Badge Pack 1/8/23
250K-FLASH-FORWARD-PACK-RQL99 Flash Forward Pack 1/7/23
HAPPY-HOLIDAYS-PD-FOR-YOU Pink Diamond Klay Thompson, John Wall, Dwight Howard, Draymond Green, or Lonzo Ball 1/8/23
DRUMMERSDRUMMING-YBG3H Holiday Mask (New Gen Only) 12/25/22
NBA2K-XMAS-LAL-DAL Tis the Season Pack and 2 Hours Double XP Coin 12/26/22
PIPERSPIPING-XHT9K Double XP Coins (New Gen Only) 12/24/22
LORDSALEAPING-LNVWS MyCareer Player Panels (New Gen Only) 12/23/22
LADIESDANCING-DUJE4 Player Indicators in MyCareer (New Gen Only) 12/22/22
MAIDSAMILKING-X3C88 Green Release Animations (New Gen Only) 12/21/22
SWANSASWIMMING-A4WKR Holiday T-Shirts (Next Gen Only) 12/20/22
GEESEALAYING-L7R3M Holiday Backpack (New Gen Only) 12/19/22
GOLDENRINGS-752PE Holiday Jersey (Next Gen Only) 12/18/22
CALLINGBIRDS-H8UJ2 Holiday Mask in MyCareer (Next Gen Only) 12/17/22
XMAS-2K23-GSW-PHI Zen Pack 12/17/22
FRENCHHENS-NEZRU Holiday Sleeves (Next Gen Only) 12/16/22
TURTLEDOVES-R2G5Q Holiday Scarf in MyCareer (Next Gen Only) 12/16/22
PARTRIDGE-P9LFX Ugly Christmas Sweater in MyCareer 12/14/22
LAL-MIL-SZN3-2K23 MyTeam Pack 12/3/22
GLITCHED-EVO-CARDS Glitched Player Option Pack 11/26/22
250K-GD2-DIAMOND-BOOSTS Diamond Shoe Pack and Boosts 11/26/22
250K-TRANSCENDENT-PACK-2X1DH Unactionable Transcendent Pack 11/27/22
HAPPY-THANKSGIVING-MYTEAM Thanksgiving Pack with a non auctionable Amethyst or higher player 12/1/22
TGIV-2K23-DAL-BOS Apparel for your MyPlayer and MyTeam Pack 11/24/22
HAPPY-THANKSGIVING-3R9T Thanksgiving Banners and 2 Hour Double XP in MyCareer 11/27/22
HAPPY-HALLOWEEN-IN-MyTEAM Trick or Treat Exchange card 11/7/22
2K23-SZN2-DEN-GSW Ferocious Pack in MyTeam and MyCareer Clothing 10/22/22
SHADES-OF-ROOKIE-EVO Shades of Option Pack 10/15/22
250K-UNSTOPPABLE-PACK-DZ86P Unstoppable Pack 10/16/22
250K-GD1-DIAMOND-SHOE 250K Diamond Shoe Pack 10/15/22
MYTEAM-SILENCERS-PACK-3HWPC Silencers Pack 9/30/22
JPPGB-24J8S-VVJZQ-65GD6-533J7 30 minute 2XP Coin, 3 Gatorade Boosts and a shirt 9/22/22
CONGRATS-HOF-HARDAWAY Heat Trophy Case Pack 9/12/22
CONGRATS-HOF-MANU Spurs Trophy Case Pack 9/12/22
2KDAY-IN-MyTEAM-NBA2K23 #2KDay Option Pack 9/12/22