NBA 2k20 Token Rewards

Token Rewards are a great way to build your team by playing the game. A common question is “How Can I Get Tokens in 2k20” and you can actually get tokens in a variety of ways. We’ll go over a wide variety of ways you can collect tokens so that you can redeem them for Token Rewards or packs in the Token Market. At the end of the page we have a huge list of all the cards available as Token Rewards as well as how much each one costs and the amount of cards you need redeemed from each tier so that you can move into the next tier of rewards.

The absolute best way to get tokens is by playing Triple Thread Online, aka TTO. Because you can get multiple ball drops after a single win, you can stack up the amount of tokens that you receive and win by landing in their prize spot and by hitting token bumpers on the way down.

Another awesome way to get a large amount of tokens is by completing collections. You can check out which collections give you tokens as a reward on our NBA 2k20 Collection Rewards page. You can get 20 tokens for completing each team collection, for a total of 600 tokens! That’s a pretty good start to getting to that Galaxy Opal reward level. There are a bunch of collections that offer tokens as rewards and you can end up getting a BUNCH of tokens.

NBA 2k20 Token Rewards

You can get them as rewards for playing Triple Threat Offline, with tokens being given out at different win levels, or you can get them from the vault if you’re lucky enough. More tokens are available the more wins you get and you can end up getting a guaranteed 830 tokens by getting to 900 wins in Triple Threat Offline.

Domination can give you 703 tokens in total.

You can also get tokens from the Weekly Challenges and Moments Challenges as well as the Spotlight Challenges. These challenges can be very beneficial as they can provide a large amount of tokens or the games are easy enough to get through them quickly. Plus, while going through something like the Spotlight Challenges, you can also Earn MT for NBA 2k20 and you can finish the challenge itself which can reward you with great player cards.

Multiplayer Challenges will also from time-to-time offer tokens as a reward for completing the challenge and they’re generally an easier challenge, though it does end up depending upon the skill level of your opponent.

You also can get tokens as a daily log-in reward with more able to be earned through the spin at the end of the week. There are also tokens available on ball drops by hitting their target and you can also win them on the ball drop as a prize itself, usually in bundles of 3 tokens, 5 tokens, or 15 tokens.

Be sure to check out The Agenda in MyTEAM to see if there are any Agenda items that you can fulfill to get the token reward. For example, you’ll get 20 tokens for completing any team set for both conferences.

There are also Community Polls that you can answer in the MyTEAM Community Hub that will give you tokens for participating.

Collector Levels has different rewards for reaching different amounts of unique cards collected. Sometimes these include tokens and then can actually be a large amount if you’re at a higher amount of cards collection. And of course we have a page that explains all of the NBA 2k20 Collection Levels and Rewards!

2k also occasionally has events where they will give bonus tokens for wins in specific game modes or they’ll even double the tokens you win by opening the vault in Triple Threat Offline.

Aside from being able to redeem your tokens for the cards below, you can also redeem tokens for packs in the token market! It’s generally recommended to not use the tokens on packs, unless there’s an update and they add better packs, and to simply use them to redeem for players available.

Multi-Dimensional Deluxe Pack – 6 Tokens
Lights Out Deluxe Pack – 6 Tokens
New Year’s Resolutions Deluxe Pack – 20 Tokens
Frostbite Deluxe Pack – 30 Tokens
Spotlight Series II: Dwight Howard Deluxe Pack – 10 Tokens
Spotlight Series II: Andre Iguodala Deluxe Pack – 10 Tokens
Spotlight Series II: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Deluxe Pack – 15 Tokens
Spotlight Series II: Jason Kidd Deluxe Pack – 15 Tokens
Spotlight Series II: Jeremy Lin Deluxe Pack – 15 Tokens

TokensCard LevelReward
3EmeraldJoe Smith
3EmeraldBoban Marjanovic
3EmeraldZhou Qi
3EmeraldJerryd Bayless
3EmeraldAntonio McDyess
3EmeraldClark Kellogg
3EmeraldBrian Scalabrine
3EmeraldShawn Bradley
3EmeraldCorliss Williamson
3EmeraldDeMarcus Cousin
3EmeraldRyan Anderson
3EmeraldTheo Ratliff
3EmeraldRajon Rondo
3EmeraldSteve Kerr
3EmeraldDarryl Dawkins
3EmeraldJason Richardson
3EmeraldDamon Stoudemire
3EmeraldIsaiah Rider
3EmeraldSam Mitchell
3EmeraldJamario Moon
3EmeraldChandler Parsons
3EmeraldVictor Oladipo
3EmeraldDavid Wesley
3EmeraldLuol Deng
3EmeraldJamal Crawford
3EmeraldDarius Miles
3EmeraldBob Sura
3EmeraldRon Harper
3EmeraldTim Legler
3EmeraldPaul Pierce
6SapphireChristian Laettner
6SapphireJeff Foster
6SapphireAndre Iguodala
6SapphireKenyon Martin
6SapphireRaef LaFrentz
6SapphireScott Skiles
6SapphireKenny Walker
6SapphireToni Kukoc
6SapphirePaul Silas
6SapphireRobert Pack
6SapphireGheorghe Muresan
6SapphireJaVale McGee
6SapphireMichael Carter-Williams
6SapphireDikembe Mutombo
6SapphireBrad Davis
6SapphireSarunas Marciulionis
6SapphireRicky Pierce
6SapphireNick Anderson
6SapphireJohn Starks
6SapphireLarry Hughes
15RubyRod Strickland
15RubyLeandro Barbosa
15RubyLarry Kenon
15RubySwen Nater
15RubyTom Chambers
15RubyBill Laimbeer
15RubyRoy Hibbert
15RubyJeremy Lin
15RubyMichael Ray Richardson
15RubyShawn Marion
15RubyAntoine Walker
15RubyShareef Abdur-Rahim
15RubyBryant Reeves
15RubyCorey Maggette
15RubyHorace Grant
15RubyTacko Fall
15RubyRex Chapman
15RubyMichael Cooper
15RubyQuentin Richardson
15RubyRay Allen
15RubyCoby White
15RubyBob Dandridge
30AmethystThurl Bailey
30AmethystOtis Birdsong
30AmethystDerrick Coleman
30AmethystRichie Guerin
30AmethystDerek Harper
30AmethystKendrick Perkins
30AmethystTom Gugliotta
30AmethystKevin Johnson
30AmethystNorm Nixon
30AmethystRobert Parish
30AmethystReggie Theus
30AmethystBrian Winters
30AmethystDennis Rodman
30AmethystRichard Jefferson
30AmethystMagic Johnson
30AmethystRudy Gay
30AmethystShane Battier
30AmethystDeAndre Jordan
30AmethystBill Russell
30AmethystTrevor Ariza
30AmethystOtto Porter
30AmethystAllan Houston
30AmethystSam Jones
30AmethystCaron Butler
30AmethystMichael Redd
60DiamondBen Wallace
60DiamondPau Gasol
60DiamondRon Harper
60DiamondBrook Lopez
60DiamondBob Cousy
60DiamondArtis Gilmore
60DiamondRichard Hamilton
60DiamondPaul Westphal
60DiamondJeff Malone
60DiamondJonathan Isaac
60DiamondJusuf Nurkic
60DiamondTim Hardaway
60DiamondCarmelo Anthony
60DiamondLaPhonso Ellis
60DiamondJulius Randle
60DiamondGordon Hayward
60DiamondLou Hudson
60DiamondIsaiah Rider
60DiamondLarry Johnson
60DiamondBobby Jones
60DiamondBob Lanier
60DiamondJerry Lucas
60DiamondJamal Mashburn
60DiamondGeorge McGinnis
60DiamondSidney Moncrief
60DiamondCalvin Murphy
60DiamondDrazen Petrovic
60DiamondGlen Rice
60DiamondKiki VanDeWeghe
60DiamondSleepy Floyd
150Pink DiamondElgin Baylor
150Pink DiamondDave Cowens
150Pink DiamondAdrian Dantley
150Pink DiamondAlex English
150Pink DiamondPaul Millsap
150Pink DiamondKevin Willis
150Pink DiamondR.J. Barrett
150Pink DiamondPatrick Ewing
150Pink DiamondSpencer Haywood
150Pink DiamondD'Angelo Russell
150Pink DiamondLatrell Sprewell
150Pink DiamondJoel Embiid
150Pink DiamondMichael Beasley
150Pink DiamondLaMarcus Aldridge
150Pink DiamondReggie Lewis
150Pink DiamondKevin Johnson
150Pink DiamondGeorge Gervin
150Pink DiamondElvin Hayes
150Pink DiamondBob Love
150Pink DiamondChris Mullin
150Pink DiamondMark Price
150Pink DiamondMitch Richmond
150Pink DiamondIsiah Thomas
150Pink DiamondWes Unseld
150Pink DiamondJerry West
750Galaxy OpalZach LaVine
750Galaxy OpalJa Morant
750Galaxy OpalJosh Smith
750Galaxy OpalAmar'e Stoudemire
750Galaxy OpalBob Pettit
750Galaxy OpalPenny Hardaway
750Galaxy OpalGrant Hill
750Galaxy OpalTim Duncan
750Galaxy OpalDeMar DeRozan
750Galaxy OpalTony Parker
750Galaxy OpalBradley Beal
750Galaxy OpalDavid Robinson