NBA 2k20 MyTEAM Card Glossary

There is a wide selection of the different cards you can get in NBA 2k20 and we are here to explain the variety of cards featured in the game, ranging from standard player cards to contracts, arenas, basketballs, and more! Not only can you build a roster of your favorite players, but you can completely customize the look of your team. You can even give your favorite players modern basketball kicks that give stat boosts. Below, we explain what each type of card is used for, where it’s found, and expand on the details for that type of card.

NBA 2k20 MyTEAM Card Glossary

2k20 Current Cards: 2k20 NBA Player cards are the core set for the ’19-’20 NBA Season.

Available In: Packs, Auction House, Rewards

Players have an overall (OVR) value and gem based on their attributes. 65-69 (Bronze), 70-75 (Silver), 76-79 (Gold), 80-83 (Emerald), 84-86 (Sapphire), 87-89 (Ruby), 90-92 (Amethyst), 93-95 (Diamond), 96-98 (Pink Diamond), 99 (Galaxy Opal).

Arena Cards: Collect current and historic version of NBA arenas to use as your MyTEAM home court.

Available In: Packs, Auction House, Rewards

Select any Arena card from your collection to set that arena as your home court. Go to the Franchise tab in the LINEUPS MANAGEMENT menu to make your selection.

Basketball Cards: Customize the look of your MyTEAM Franchise with designer basketballs for your home games.

Available In: Packs, Auction House, Rewards

Collect solid-color, multi-color, art balls, team balls, and limited-edition season basketballs to customize your MyTEAM franchise. Your home court ball can be set in the Franchise tab in the LINEUPS MANAGEMENT menu.

Coach Cards: Coaches have systems that determine your team’s style of play. Coach cards also grant bonuses to players with skillsets that match the system.

Available In: Packs, Auction House, Rewards

Selecting a coach will also select the system that your team will run. A coach’s gem level determines the bonus granted to the players and a player’s skillset determines their fit for the system. The better the player’s fit, the more attributes will get a boost. You can change your coach or fine-tune your team in the Coaching tab on the LINEUPS MANAGEMENT menu.

Contract Cards: Contract cards can be applied to Player cards to allow players to continue playing games for your MyTEAM.

Available In: Packs, Auction House, Rewards

Every new Player card comes with a certain number of contracts. Each contract allows that player to play one game. You can use a contract card to add additional contracts to the cards you use the most. The higher level the contract card, the more contracts get added to the player. Diamond contracts add unlimited contracts to a player.

Create-A-Team Cards: Create custom logos, uniforms, and arenas with Create-a-Team cards.

Available In: Collector Levels

After unlocking Create-a-Team cards by completing Collector Levels, you can customize your MyTEAM by designing your own logo, uniforms, and arena. You can find these options under the Franchise tab on the LINEUPS MANAGEMENT menu.

Evolution “Evo” Cards: Evolution cards can be upgraded into better versions of that player.

Available In: Packs, Auction House, Rewards

Each star on the side of an Evolution card represents an upgrade level that card can achieve by completing goals to evolve. You can find the evolution requirements and track your progress in the CARD EVOLUTION menu on the MyTEAM tab of the main menu.

Free Agent Cards: Free Agent cards are limited-use Player cards that disappear after five contracts are used.

Available In: Rewards

Free Agent cards allow you to use a Player temporarily to gain a boost in MyTEAM games. You cannot add Contract cards to Free Agents, so once you’ve played 5 games with the card it will be gone forever.

Heat Check Cards: Heat Check cards can increase in power when an NBA player has a stand-out performance in real life.

Available In: Heat Check Packs, Auction House

When an NBA player out-performs his average stat line in a real-life NBA game, his Heat Check card will ignite for a brief window of time, increase that card’s attributes and badges. Every Heat Check card has 3 levels of heat with increased attributes at each tier determined by how much the player outperformed his average state line.

Moments Cards: Moments cards reflect outstanding single-game performances from the NBA season.

Available In: Moments Packs, Heat Check Packs, Auction House

Players on a hot streak may get several Moments cards, but no two Moments cards will be exactly the same. You can use these cards to fulfill lineup restrictions for Challenges, catch your opponent off guard in Unlimited, or simply use the best version of your favorite player.

MyCareer Cards: You can earn a free Emerald card based on your MyPLAYER.

Available In: MyCareer

Head to the MyTEAM store in the 2K Neighborhood and get an emerald card based on your MyPLAYER to help you get started playing MyTEAM. This card cannot be upgraded or gain new attributes.

Injury Cards: Injury cards allow you to speed up the healing of an injury.

Available In: Packs, Auction House, Rewards

Player injuries will heal over time as your player misses games. If you want to get your injury cards to cut time off of the recovery. The number of games cut off the recovery time will be visible on the card.

Logo Cards: Customize your MyTEAM Franchise by picking your favorite NBA logo.

Available In: Packs, Auction House, Rewards

All 30 NBA team logos as well as a ton of historic NBA logos are available in the mode. You can set any logo card you own as the logo for your MyTEAM or use the Create-a-Team cards to design your own. Set your logo on the Franchise tab of the LINEUPS MANAGEMENT menu.

Shoe Cards: Shoe cards offer temporary boosts to a player’s attributes.

Available In: Packs, Rewards, Auction House

Shoe cards can be applied when editing a player in EDIT LINEUPS Menu. The benefits of the shoe last for 2,4, or 6 games depending on the color level of the shoe. You can also find DIamond shoes which have unlimited number of uses. Some players are restricted to certain brands while others can wear any shoe.

Playbook Cards: Playbooks allow you to choose the plays your team runs.

Available In: Packs, Auction House, Rewards

When you select a playbook that you own in the Franchise tab of the LINEUPS MANAGEMENT menu, you can access any of the plays contained within MyTEAM games. There are playbooks for all 30 current NBA teams and a ton of historic playbooks from some of the all-time best.

Pre-Order Cards: Exclusive Promo cards are available to those who pre-ordered the game.

Available In: Pre-Order Gift

These exclusive cards are a part of the pre-order promotion.

Rewards Cards: Reward cards are earned by playing MyTEAM.

Available In: Rewards

You can win specific Rewards cards from game modes and events or unlock them in the REWARDS menu with tokens you earn all over MyTEAM.

Starter Cards: Each Starter Pack comes with your very first Evo card.

Available In: Starter Packs

After opening your Starter Pack you can start upgrading your first Evolution card right away. Check out the CARD EVOLUTION menu for the requirements to get started.

Uniform Cards: Uniform cards let you set the look of your team on the court by choosing your favorite NBA uniforms.

Available In: Packs, Auction House, Rewards

Each MyTEAM Lineup can choose a home and away uniform. Set your uniform preferences in the Franchise tab on the LINEUPS MANAGEMENT menu.