NBA 2k20 Locker Codes

Locker Codes for NBA 2k20 are a great way to boost your MyTEAM with free packs, free NBA 2k20 MT, tokens, consumables and more! We have an up-to-date list that shows all current codes that are active as well as all the expired codes from the past.

Click “Expiration Status” to sort list to see all active NBA 2k20 Locker Codes!

Expiration StatusNBA 2k20 Locker CodeLocker Code RewardDate ReleasedExpiration Date
Expired Locker CodeNBA-IS-BACK-CARLOSSTORY-MD4WQNBA is Back, Showtime, Takeover Pack8/1/208/2/20
Expired Locker CodeNBA-IS-BACK-ZACKTTG-EXF44NBA is Back, Showtime, Takeover Pack8/1/208/2/20
Expired Locker CodeNBA-IS-BACK-TROYDAN-43UR3NBA is Back, Showtime, Takeover Pack8/1/208/2/20
Expired Locker CodeNBA-IS-BACK-POORBOYSIN-SSU9YNBA is Back, Showtime, Takeover Pack8/1/208/2/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-CURRY-89VNXGalaxy Opal Eddy Curry, Pink Diamond Eddy Curry, Amethyst Eddy Curry8/1/208/20/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-HOLLINS-4PCL9Pink Diamond Ryan Hollins, Ruby Ryan Hollins8/1/208/20/20
Expired Locker CodeNBA-IS-BACK-REDCITY-RE97LNBA is Back, Showtime, Takeover Pack8/1/208/1/20
Expired Locker CodeNBA-IS-BACK-PACKSLeague Moments Super Pack, Diamond Contract Card, Diamond Shoe Card7/31/208/7/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-PONDS-U7FF3Diamond Shamorie Ponds7/30/208/21/20
Expired Locker CodeTHE-NBA-IS-BACKGalaxy Opal Rudy Gobert, Galaxy Opal Gordon Hayward, Galaxy Opal Kyle Lowry7/30/208/6/20
Expired Locker CodeCOMMUNITY-HUB-TOKENS50 Tokens, 20 Tokens, 10 Tokens7/27/208/3/20
Expired Locker CodeSUPER-PACKS-DROPPromo Super Pack, Duo Super Pack7/27/208/3/20
Expired Locker CodeNEW-FAN-FAVORITES-3Amethyst Isaac Bonga, Amethyst Dean Wade, Fan Favorites Series I, Fan Favorites Series II7/24/207/31/20
Expired Locker CodeCAREER-HIGHLIGHTS-JULY-DROPGalaxy Opal Elvin Hayes, Diamond Tracy McGrady, Diamond Michael Jordan, Diamond Robert Horry, Diamond Derek Fisher7/22/207/29/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-SECOND-CHANCEGalaxy Opal Jayson Tatum, Galaxy Opal PJ Washington, Galaxy Opal Eric Paschall, Galaxy Opal Jamal Murray, Galaxy Opal Meyers Leonard7/21/207/28/20
Expired Locker CodeFLASH-9-HTB-MF66BFlash Pack 7, Flash Pack 8, Flash Pack 97/19/207/20/20
Expired Locker CodeFLASH-9-STAHTISTICS-ZDNLLFlash Pack 7, Flash Pack 8, Flash Pack 97/18/207/19/20
Expired Locker CodeFLASH-9-KUDA-MU9Q3Flash Pack 7, Flash Pack 8, Flash Pack 97/18/207/18/20
Expired Locker CodeFLASH-9-REDCITY-B8FB6Flash Pack 7, Flash Pack 8, Flash Pack 97/18/207/18/20
Expired Locker CodeJULY-TOKENS-MTP-DROP50 Tokens, 20 Tokens, 3000 MT7/17/207/24/20
Expired Locker CodeEVO-SUPER-PACKS-RETURNDiamond Larry Hughes, New Year's Resolutions Deluxe, Tokens7/14/207/21/20
Expired Locker CodeCAREER-HIGHLIGHTS-PINK-DIAMONDSPink Diamond Magic Johnson, Pink Diamond Rick Fox, Pink Diamond Terry Rozier III, Pink Diamond Earl Boykins7/13/207/20/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-MURESAN-AHWXRPink Diamond Gheorghe Muresan, Amethyst Gheorghe Muresan7/10/207/19/20
Expired Locker CodeFLASH-PACKS-DROP-JULYFlash Pack, Flash Pack 2, Flash Pack 4, Flash Pack 5, Flash Pack 6, Flash Pack 77/10/207/19/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-WINDLER-K23ZXPink Diamond Dylan Windler, Amethyst Dylan Windler7/9/207/20/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-PASCHALL-7JVT5Galaxy Opal Eric Paschall, Amethyst Eric Paschall, Emerald Eric Paschall7/9/207/19/20
Expired Locker CodeNEW-THROWBACK-MOMENTSCampus Legends Deluxe, Leap Year Deluxe, Tokens7/8/207/15/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-TATUM-DUCP2Galaxy Opal Jayson Tatum, Pink Diamond Jayson Tatum, Pink Diamond Jayson Tatum, Diamond Jayson Tatum, Amethyst Jayson Tatum7/8/207/20/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-WASHINGTON-M2VV9Galaxy Opal PJ Washington, Amethyst PJ Washington, Emerlad PJ Washington7/8/207/20/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-SMITH-KM6C4Galaxy Opal Kenny Smith, Ruby Kenny Smith7/8/207/13/20
Expired Locker CodeBEST-OF-MYTEAM-PROMO-PACKSFan Favorites, Fan Favorites Series II, Campus Legends Deluxe, Leap Year Deluxe, New Year's Resolutions Deluxe, Light Out7/7/207/14/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-LEONARD-36TBPGalaxy Opal Meyers Leonard, Amethyst Meyers Leonard7/7/207/19/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-ROBY-NMFV6Pink Diamond Isaiah Roby, Amethyst Isaiah Roby7/6/207/19/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-FALL-XP3ANGalaxy Opal Tacko Fall, Amethyst Tacko Fall7/5/207/20/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-WRIGHT-FOREMAN-KJEDiamond Justin Wright-Foreman, Amethyst Justin Wright-Foreman7/5/207/20/20
Expired Locker CodePRIME-3-LBJ-JAYCANADA-ZJLM9Prime Series 3 Pack7/5/207/5/20
Expired Locker CodePRIME-3-LBJ-STG-VTTRGPrime Series 3 Pack7/5/207/5/20
Expired Locker CodePRIME-3-LBJ-REDCITY-P32WGPrime Series 3 Pack7/4/207/4/20
Expired Locker CodePRIME-3-LBJ-HTB-G5PY6Prime Series 3 Pack7/4/207/4/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-BOL-A46R6Galaxy Opal Bol Bol, Amethyst Bol Bol7/4/207/20/20
Expired Locker CodePRIME-3-LBJ-DBG-9L7NMPrime Series 3 Pack7/4/207/4/20
Expired Locker Code@NBA2K_MYTEAM-1M-THANK-YOUDup Super Pack, NEXT Deluxe Pack, Showtime Deluxe Pack, Takeover Deluxe Pack7/3/207/13/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-MURRAY-HWMDXGalaxy Opal Jamal Murray, Diamond Jamal Murray, Ruby Jamal Murray7/3/207/20/20
Expired Locker CodePRIME-LBJPrime Luka Doncic Pack, Prime Lamar Odom Pack, Prime Paul George Pack, Prime Kawhi Leonard Pack7/3/207/10/20
Expired Locker CodeNBA-2K21-MAMBA-FOREVERDiamond Kobe Bryant, Amethyst Kobe Bryant, 81 Tokens, 24 Tokens7/2/207/9/20
Expired Locker CodeNBA-2K21-ZION-COVERPink Diamond Zion Williamson, Diamond Zion Williamson, Ruby Zion Williamson7/1/207/9/20
Expired Locker CodeNBA-2K21-DAME-TIMEPink Diamond Damian Lillard, Pink Diamond Damian Lillard, 21 Tokens6/30/207/9/20
Expired Locker CodeCONGRATS-R-NBA2K-300KDuo Super Pack, Flash Super Pack, NEXT Pack, Showtime Pack, Takeover Pack6/30/207/7/20
Expired Locker CodeMYSTERY-PACK-DROPMystery Pack6/29/207/6/20
Expired Locker CodeNEXT-CARLOSSTORY-QA3QDNEXT Pack, Showtime Pac, Takeover Pack6/27/206/28/20
Expired Locker CodeNEXT-ZACKTTG-7A7P2NEXT Pack, Showtime Pac, Takeover Pack6/27/206/28/20
Expired Locker CodeNEXT-KOBE0802-BEBDCNEXT Pack, Showtime Pac, Takeover Pack6/27/206/28/20
Expired Locker CodeNEXT-POORBOYSIN-2HCT9NEXT Pack, Showtime Pac, Takeover Pack6/27/206/28/20
Expired Locker CodeNEXT-REDCITY-2ZSK8NEXT Pack, Showtime Pac, Takeover Pack6/27/206/27/20
Expired Locker CodeNEXT-TROYDAN-CE8RKNEXT Pack, Showtime Pac, Takeover Pack6/26/206/27/20
Expired Locker CodePLAYERS-CLUB-BALL-HF892Galaxy Opal Lonzo Ball, Diamond Lonzo Ball, Amethyst Lonzo Ball6/26/207/10/20
Expired Locker CodeCH-OPAL-DUO-SECOND-CHANCEDiamond Robert Horry, Diamond Derek Fisher, 15 Tokens6/26/207/3/20
Expired Locker CodeCOLLINS-4M2UU-W4YEH-XAFCSDiamond Doug Collins6/25/207/2/20
Expired Locker CodeHORRY-HSU8E-RYQMR-ZTLDTDiamond Robert Horry, Diamond Derek Fisher, 15 Tokens6/23/206/30/20
Expired Locker CodeFISHER-JBSBQ-HH7RJ-WX8YRDiamond Derek Fisher, Diamond Robert Horry, 15 Tokens6/23/206/30/20
Expired Locker CodeTOKENS-AND-PACKS-JUNEFan Favorites Pack, Fan Favorites Series 2 Pack, 20 Tokens, 50 Tokens6/18/206/25/20
Expired Locker CodeJUNE-DIAMONDSDiamond Russell Westbrook, Diamond Miles Bridges, Diamond Consumable Pack6/17/206/24/20
Expired Locker CodeCAREER-HIGHLIGHTS-PLAYERSGalaxy Opal Devin Booker, Galaxy Opal Elvin Hayes, Pink Diamond Terry Rozier, Pink Diamond Rick Fox, Diamond Tracy McGrady6/15/206/22/20
Expired Locker CodeSHOWTIME-RONNIE2K-LLHVTShowtime Pack, Takeover Pack, Fan Favorites Pack6/14/206/15/20
Expired Locker CodeSHOWTIME-RAFAELTGR-JE7V6Showtime Pack, Takeover Pack, Fan Favorites Pack6/13/206/14/20
Expired Locker CodeSHOWTIME-RED-87PRCShowtime Pack, Takeover Pack, Fan Favorites Pack6/13/206/14/20
Expired Locker CodeSHOWTIME-OUTCONSUMER-KS982Showtime Pack, Takeover Pack, Fan Favorites Pack6/13/206/14/20
Expired Locker CodeSHOWTIME-PLAYERS-PACKSPink Diamond Jimmy Butler, Pink Diamond Rashard Lewis, Frostbite Deluxe Pack, Campus Legends Deluxe Pack, Leap Year Deluxe Pack6/12/206/19/20
Expired Locker CodeFINALS-SPOTLIGHT-SIMPink Diamond Andre Iguodala, Diamond Kevin Durant, Diamond Steph Curry, Amethyst Kawhi Leonard, League Series 2 Deluxe Pack6/10/206/17/20
Expired Locker CodePROMO-PACK-CATCH-UP-JUNECampus Legends Deluxe Pack, Leap Year Deluxe Pack, Frostbite Deluxe Pack6/9/206/16/20
Expired Locker CodeROZIER-HFDC4-NKDQC-QCLLNPink Diamond Terry Rozier, Diamond Russell Westbrook, Ron Harper6/8/206/15/20
Expired Locker CodeMORE-LOCKER-CODES-PLSFan Favorites Pack, Flash Super Pack, Multidimensional Pack, Legacy Showcase Pack, 10 Tokens6/5/206/12/20
Expired Locker CodeTHROWBACK-MOMENTSFan Favorites Pack, Diamond Consumable Pack, 15 Tokens6/3/206/10/20
Expired Locker CodeMOURNING-Y4DAC-U7RWP-PYMXVDiamond Alonzo Mourning, Diamond Andrew Bogut, 15 Tokens6/2/206/9/20
Expired Locker CodePRIME-PG-TROYDAN-ZUEX3Prime Paul George Pack, Prime Dwyane Wade Pack, Prime Derrick Rose Pack5/31/206/1/20
Expired Locker CodePRIME-PG-SubTheGamer-3R96MPrime Paul George Pack, Prime Dwyane Wade Pack, Prime Derrick Rose Pack5/31/205/31/20
Expired Locker CodePRIME-PG-ZACKTTG-K9Q79Prime Paul George Pack, Prime Dwyane Wade Pack, Prime Derrick Rose Pack5/30/205/31/20
Expired Locker CodePRIME-PG-KOBE0802-EUU5KPrime Paul George Pack, Prime Dwyane Wade Pack, Prime Derrick Rose Pack5/30/205/31/20
Expired Locker CodeWESTBROOK-RFPT6-Y3F9M-U43VTDiamond Russell Westbrook, Diamond Chris Paul, Amethyst Kevin Durant5/29/206/5/20
Expired Locker CodeSPOTLIGHTSIM-SUPER-PACK-CARDSDiamond Dennis Smith Jr, Diamond Darrell Armstrong, Diamond Lonnie Walker I, PD Ja Morant, PD Jared Dudley, PD Jim Paxson5/27/206/3/20
Expired Locker CodePRIME-SUPER-PACKSDiamond Kevin Durant, Amethyst Tim Duncan, Diamond Tracy McGrady, Diamond Bend Simmons, Diamond Kristaps Porzingis, PD Derrick Rose5/26/206/2/20
Expired Locker CodeLEGACY-PACKS-DROP-MAYLegacy Series Lucas, Thurmond, Chenier, Walton, King or Monroe Pack5/25/206/1/20
Expired Locker CodeFLASH-7-POORBOYSIN-2JGCXFlash Pack 7, Flash Super Pack, Flash Pack 25/23/205/23/20
Expired Locker CodeFLASH-7-KUDA-XMRJ5Flash Pack 7, Flash Super Pack, Flash Pack 25/23/205/23/20
Expired Locker CodeREWARD-MARKET-NEW-CARDS10, 20 Or 50 Tokens5/23/205/30/20
Expired Locker CodeFLASH-7-RED-LK2TCFlash Pack 7, Flash Super Pack, Flash Pack 25/23/205/23/20
Expired Locker CodeFLASH-7-KOBE0802-W8DBMFlash Pack 7, Flash Super Pack, Flash Pack 25/22/205/22/20
Expired Locker CodeFLASH-7-KILLZAMOI-X3GECFlash Pack 7, Flash Super Pack, Flash Pack 25/22/205/22/20
Expired Locker CodeFLASH-PACKS-DROP-MAYFlash Super Pack, Flash Pack 6, Flash Pack 55/22/205/29/20
Expired Locker CodeBOOKER-WJRRT-3ADMY-CCG9PGalaxy Opal Devin Booker, Galaxy Opal Elvin Hayes, 15 Tokens5/21/205/28/20
Expired Locker CodeCAREER-HIGHLIGHTS-CATCH-UPPD Rick Fox, PD Magic Johnson, PD Earl Boykins, Diamond Andrew Bogut, Diamond Tracy McGrady, Amethyst Kevin Durant5/20/205/27/20
Expired Locker CodeBUZZER-BEATER-PLAYERSLights Out Pack, Spotlight Jeremy Lin Pack, Emerald Stephon Marbury5/19/205/25/20
Expired Locker CodeTAKEOVER-NICKTHEBULLSFAN-53VYWTakeover Pack, Flash Pack or Frostbite Deluxe Pack5/17/205/17/20
Expired Locker CodeMJ-THE-GOATDiamond Michael Jordan, Flash Super Pack or Amethyst Michael Jordan5/17/205/24/20
Expired Locker CodeTAKEOVER-CASH-66ADWTakeover Pack, Flash Pack or Frostbite Pack5/16/205/16/20
Expired Locker CodeTAKEOVER-ZACKTTG-HAVJ4Takeover Pack, Flash Pack or Frostbite Pack5/15/205/15/20
Expired Locker CodeTAKEOVER-KILLZAMOI-RD7XKTakeover Pack, Flash Pack or Frostbite Pack5/15/205/15/20
Expired Locker CodeHARPER-E6XAM-7V3SP-AHR9UChance at an Amethyst Ron Harper5/15/205/22/20
Expired Locker CodeMAY-DIAMONDSDiamond Shoe, Diamond Contract or Diamond Coach5/14/205/21/20
Expired Locker CodeMTP-TOKENS-MAYMTP or Tokens5/13/205/20/20
Expired Locker CodeHISTORIC-PACKS-DROPLegacy Super, Drexler, Wade or Dirk Spotlight Pack5/12/205/19/20
Expired Locker CodeMAGIC-T77CX-XMWLX-JNHHSPink Diamond Magic Johnson, Pink Diamond Rick Fox or 2000 MT5/11/205/18/20
Expired Locker CodeFANFAV2-AMBISH-TWITCH-NBA2K-J2VXFan Favorites, Fan Favorites Series 2 or Leap Year Pack5/9/205/9/20
Expired Locker CodeFANFAV2-TROYDAN-TWITCH-NBA2K-D721Fan Favorites, Fan Favorites Series 2 or Leap Year Pack5/9/205/9/20
Expired Locker CodeFAN-FAVORITES-SERIES-2Flash Super, Prime KD, League Series 2 Deluxe, or Spotlight Lin Deluxe pack5/8/205/15/20
Expired Locker CodeBOYKINS-V3XTW-MSURM-LDXTTPink Diamond Earl Boykins, Diamond Chris Paul or 2000 MT5/6/205/13/20
Expired Locker CodeBUZZER-BEATER-LOVEDiamond Kevin Love, Wilt Prime, League Series 2 Deluxe, League Deluxe or Heat Check Deluxe pack5/5/205/12/20
Expired Locker CodeTOKEN-DROP-MAY5, 10 or 20 Tokens5/4/205/11/20
Expired Locker CodePRIME-1-PRIME-2-MAYPrime Porzingis, Prime Wade, Prime Duncan or Prime Stockton Pack5/1/205/8/20
Expired Locker CodePINK-DIAMONDS-AND-DIAMONDSPD Wilt Chamberlain, PD Anthony Davis, Diamond Joel Embiid, Diamond Danny Manning, Diamond Lamar Odom4/30/205/6/20
Expired Locker CodeDURANT-2WLF8-9RTH4-H9HN6Amethyst Kevin Durant, Durant Prime Pack or 15 Tokens4/29/205/6/20
Expired Locker CodeFREE-DIAMOND-KICKSDiamond Shoe Pack4/27/205/4/20
Expired Locker CodeUNICORNS-UNITE-MYTEAMPorzingis Series II Prime, Flash Pack 4 or All-Star Flash Pack4/24/205/1/20
Expired Locker CodeHAYES-X2HTH-Y8FBC-ETR8HGalaxy Opal Elvin Hayes, Diamond Michael Jordan or Diamond Consumable4/23/204/30/20
Expired Locker CodeHISTORIC-SPOTLIGHT-SIMDiamond Consumable, League Series 2 Deluxe or League Standard pack4/21/204/28/20
Expired Locker CodeFLASH-PACKS-DROP-APRILChance at a Super Flash Pack, Flash Pack or Flash Pack 44/19/204/26/20
Expired Locker CodeMCGRADY-MZAJU-VRTHQ-8MRCEDiamond Tracy McGrady, Amethyst Tracy McGrady or a Tracy McGrady Prime pack4/17/204/24/20
Expired Locker CodeAPRIL-PACKS-OR-TOKENSSt Patrick's Buzzer Beater, Flash Super Pack or 10 Tokens4/16/204/23/20
Expired Locker Code50-TOKEN-DROP5, 20 or 50 Tokens4/15/204/22/20
Expired Locker CodeCP3-F6NPX-KDH7U-4U99FDiamond Chris Paul, Michael Jordan or Andrew Bogut4/14/204/21/20
Active Locker CodeKOBE-JHE93-J987G-PWEHDPink Diamond Kobe4/13/20Never Expires
Expired Locker Code923RT-CSWF4-MKDF2-23DFS-GHT88Base, Standard or Deluxe League Pack4/12/204/19/20
Expired Locker CodeFLASH-CATCH-UP-COMMUNITYFlash or Buzzer Beater Super Pack4/11/204/18/20
Expired Locker CodeFOX-WTT28-XX8G2-KGBP3Pink Diamond Rick Fox, 10 Tokens or 2000 MT4/10/204/17/20
Expired Locker CodeBOGUT-UDH9X-QJ6Y3-LZVCUDiamond Andrew Bogut, Michael Jordan or 10 Tokens4/8/204/15/20
Expired Locker CodeLEBRON-MJ-VC-PLEASEAll-Star Flash, Heat Check Deluxe or League Deluxe Pack4/7/204/13/20
Expired Locker CodeAPRIL-TOKEN-DROPUp to 20 Tokens4/6/204/13/20
Expired Locker CodeCAMPUS-LEAP-RESOLUTIONSCampus Legends, Leap Year or Resolutions Pack4/4/204/11/20
Expired Locker CodePRIME-CATCH-UP-APRILPrime Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, Wilt Chamberlain or Tracy McGracy Pack4/3/204/10/20
Expired Locker CodeJORDAN-RHXY4-M49YN-Y732ZDiamond Michael Jordan, MT or Tokens4/2/204/9/20
Expired Locker CodeNO-FOOLING-HEREDiamond Shoe, Coach or Contract4/1/204/8/20
Expired Locker CodeMONDAY-SUPER-PACKSBuzzerbeater or Flash Super Pack3/29/204/6/20
Expired Locker CodeFAN-FAVORITES-FRIDAYFlash, Frostbite Deluxe or Leap Year Deluxe Pack3/27/204/3/20
Expired Locker CodeSPOTLIGHTSIM-NEW-CARDSLeague Series 2 Deluxe Pack, Base League Pack or 1000 MTP3/26/204/2/20
Expired Locker CodeHAPPY-ST-PATTYS-IN-MYTEAMCeltics Player3/17/203/24/20
Expired Locker CodeDORT-AND-TOKENSChance at Tokens and Bronze Luguentz Dort3/16/203/23/20
Expired Locker CodeGOOD-QUESTION-LOCKER-CODEFrostbite Deluxe, Leap Year Deluxe or Buzzer Beater Pack3/16/203/23/20
Expired Locker CodeREWARD-MARKET-TOKENS5, 20 or 30 Tokens3/13/203/20/20
Expired Locker CodeMARCH-PACK-DROPBuzzer Beater, Leap Year Deluxe or Frostbite Deluxe Pack3/11/203/18/20
Expired Locker CodeMARCH-CONSUMABLES-THANKSDiamond Consumable Pack or Gold Consumable Pack3/6/203/17/20
Expired Locker CodeHAPPY-BIRTHDAY-SHAQAmethyst Shaq or a PRIME Series II Dwayne Wade Pack3/6/203/13/20
Expired Locker CodeCOMMUNITY-SERIES2-THANKSLeague Series 2 Deluxe Pack3/2/203/24/20
Expired Locker CodeFROSTY-NEW-YEARS-MYTEAM-COMMUNITYNew Year's Resolutions or Frostbite Pack2/28/203/6/20
Expired Locker CodeSTARS-SHINE-IN-CHICAGOAll-Star Moments or Flash Pack2/25/203/3/20
Expired Locker CodeWADE-L3GACY-WEEKEND-MIAMIDwyane Wade Spotlight or Prime Series II Pack2/22/202/29/20
Expired Locker CodeALL-STAR-THANKS-COMMUNITYAll-Star Moments or Flash Pack2/20/202/27/20
Expired Locker Code8KOBE24Thank You Kobe Pack2/13/20Expiring Soon
Expired Locker CodeSPIDADiamond Donovan Mitchell2/13/202/20/20
Expired Locker CodeSIMMODiamond Ben Simmons2/13/202/20/20
Expired Locker CodeMT-WADE-MULT-NYRDwyane Wade Spotlight, New Year's Resolutions, or Multidimensional Pack2/6/202/13/20
Expired Locker CodeMT-DIAMONDS-ALL-DAYDiamond Consumable Pack, Diamond Contract Pack or Diamond Shoe Pack2/4/202/11/20
Expired Locker CodeMT-PACKS-CARD-CHANCE2Kemba Walker or Pack2/2/202/9/20
Expired Locker CodeMT-TOKEN-MT-TOKEN10, 15 or 20 Tokens1/30/202/6/20
Expired Locker CodeSPOTLIGHT-CATCH-UPSeries 1 Spotlight Pack1/24/201/31/20
Expired Locker CodeALL-TOKENS-MYTEAM10, 12 or 15 Tokens1/23/201/30/20
Expired Locker CodeMLK-MYTEAM-THANKSKemba Walker, Zach Randolph, or Diamond Consumable Pack1/20/201/27/20
Expired Locker CodePRIME-SERIES-1-PACKSPrime Series I Pack1/17/201/24/20
Expired Locker Code2K-ALL-DAY-FRIDAYDiamond Consumable, 10 Tokens or 5000 MTP1/10/201/17/20
Expired Locker CodeCOMMUNITY-EVOChanning Frye, Latrell Sprewell, or Jrue Holiday1/6/202/1/20
Expired Locker CodeCODES-EVOLUTION-GUARANTEEChanning Frye, Latrell Sprewell, Joakim Noah or Jrue Holiday12/31/191/10/20
Expired Locker CodeCODES-PACKS-MT-TOKEN-NOWMultidimensional, Prime Series I or Lights Out Pack12/31/191/7/20
Expired Locker CodeTODAY-IS-MY-BIRTHDAYDeluxe Heat Check Pack, Deluxe League Pack, or 2.5K MT12/30/191/6/20
Expired Locker CodeCODES-1030-TOKENS-GUARANTEE10, 20 or 30 Tokens12/30/191/6/20
Expired Locker CodeCODES-PLAYER-GUARANTEE-DEC26Up to Diamond player12/26/191/2/20
Expired Locker CodeCOMMUNITY-CHRISTMASRuby AI, 6 Tokens or Deluxe Heat Check Pack12/25/1912/31/19
Expired Locker CodeHAPPY-HOLIDAYS-LITMASPink Diamond Player, 30000 MTP or 75 Tokens12/25/191/1/20
Expired Locker CodeCODES-MT-TOKENS-SPIN2000 MTP, 3500 MTP, or 5 Tokens12/23/1912/30/19
Expired Locker CodeMYTEAM-HAPPY-FRIDAYDiamond Earl Monroe, Diamond Doug West, Diamond Cliff Hagan12/20/1912/27/19
Expired Locker CodeMYTEAM-TOKENS-GUARANTEEDUp to 10 Tokens12/19/1912/26/19
Expired Locker CodeMTNOW-WEDNESDAY-MTUp to 5000 MTP12/18/1912/25/19
Expired Locker CodeONE-GAMEDAY-LEFT3000 MT, Deluxe Heat Check Pack, Amethyst Paul Pierce12/17/1912/31/19
Expired Locker CodeLUCKY-FNK9H-AKFHN-PLNX7-PPT7NDwight Howard Award Pack12/13/1912/20/19
Expired Locker CodeMTNOW-VPY3M-BYGE7-CRM6J-K4U6YUp to 3000 MTP12/12/1912/19/19
Expired Locker CodeTOKEN-6UWFJ-EAXAU-MLFUC-HF7GPUp to 10 Tokens12/9/1912/17/19
Expired Locker CodeDANCE-CHRIS-DANCEUp to 10 Tokens12/6/1912/13/19
Expired Locker CodeMTPRN-89QDX-RPRHD-DDKCR-9JJ3H1500, 2500 or 4000 MTP12/5/1912/12/19
Expired Locker CodeCODES-HQ62A-CNACX-98H8F-2X7QHDiamond Doug West, 2500 MT, 5 Tokens12/4/1912/11/19
Expired Locker CodeTHANK-489GE-36A88-YPMN8-9M9ARDiamond Earl Monroe, 10000 MT, 75 Tokens11/28/1912/5/19
Expired Locker CodePLAYR-NK2MN-JYRJJ-94AMN-YT2CJTim Duncan, Allen Iverson or Paul Pierce11/26/1912/3/19
Expired Locker CodeSPOTL-HF7HE-3JLHV-F4YVD-NBAWXSpotlight Pack11/25/1912/2/19
Expired Locker CodeTOKEN-COMMUNITY-THANKS3 Tokens11/25/19Never Expires
Expired Locker CodeMTNOW-H4BNH-DK66K-GK6FT-G7NJ25000 MTP11/22/1911/29/19
Expired Locker CodeTOKEN-ZDXD6-877U3-QFBKG-JKU7T20 Tokens11/21/1911/28/19
Expired Locker CodeCODES-5JJUB-HGGJP-ZWMB2-UKDL475 Tokens, Deluxe Heat Check Pack11/18/1911/25/19
Expired Locker CodeHAPPY-HALLOWEENUp to 75 tokens10/31/1911/14/19
Expired Locker CodeSPOTL-2E4FT-QNFZ6-F4RXW-6ELTJSpotlight Rewards Pack10/21/1910/28/19
Expired Locker CodeCASHN-8JJA6-RL8WD-EBYXH-HV3ZRSpotlight or Legacy Pack10/21/1910/28/19
Expired Locker CodeQANDA-EYXDJ-6VYWQ-LXHZK-R98WPSpotlight Rewards Pack10/15/1910/22/19
Expired Locker CodeCMNTY-YK9AK-G2JW7-92WC3-8XGND2 Wheel Spins10/11/1910/18/19
Expired Locker Code#2KTVHeadTie2KTV Headband10/6/19Never Expires
Expired Locker CodeIWATCHEDNBA2KTV6 Boosts10/5/19Never Expires
Expired Locker Code200TH-CXRGD-NLWCL-HC9A2-EMVQ23 Tokens or 1000MT10/4/1910/12/19
Expired Locker CodeHZ84F-HG82V-WPD76-37AYT-921DW3 Tokens9/6/19Never Expires
Expired Locker CodeTHANKYOUMYTEAMCOMMUNITY3 Tokens, 1500 MT, League Pack9/5/19Never Expires