NBA 2k20 Collector Levels & Rewards

NBA 2k20 rewards you based upon how many cards you have owned. You get different rewards for the different Collector Levels that they’ve setup. The penultimate reward is the Galaxy Opal Anthony Davis that you can get for owning 2900 cards in your MyTEAM collection. Aside from getting player cards are a reward you can also get Tokens and MT. Early on you also get access to the Auction House and a Team Creation Pack so that you can create your perfect MyTEAM.

Check out all the different NBA 2k20 Collector Level Rewards you can get below!

NBA 2k20 Collector Levels and Rewards

Cards RequiredCollector LevelReward
Collect 20 cardsUndrafted100 MT
Collect 30 cards3-Star RecruitAuction House
Collect 50 cards4-Star RecruitSapphire Dana Barros
Collect 75 cards5-Star RecruitTeam Creation Pack
Collect 100 cardsProspectSapphire Cedric Ceballos
Collect 125 cardsG-League10 Tokens
Collect 175 cards2nd RounderRuby Darryl Dawkins
Collect 225 cards1st Rounder15 Tokens
Collect 250 cardsLottery Pick7500 MT
Collect 300 cardsRookieAmethyst Walter Davis
Collect 350 cardsPlayer of the GameAmethyst Jason Kidd
Collect 425 cardsPlayer of the Week15000 MT
Collect 500 cardsPlayer of the Month35 Tokens
Collect 750 cards6th ManAmethyst Isaiah Thomas
Collect 1000 cards2nd TeamDiamond Eddie Jones
Collect 1250 cards1st Team200 Tokens
Collect 1500 cardsVeteranDiamond Antawn Jamison
Collect 1750 cardsBaller300 Tokens
Collect 2000 cardsAll-Star100000 MT
Collect 2150 cardsAll-Star MVPPink Diamond Jalen Rose
Collect 2300 cardsMVPPink Diamond Scottie Pippen
Collect 2500 cardsFinals MVP750 Tokens
Collect 2650 cardsHeir ApparentGalaxy Opal Arvydas Sabonis
Collect 2800 cardsHis AirnessGalaxy Opal Dwyane Wade
Collect 2900 cardsG.O.A.T.Galaxy Opal Anthony Davis