How To Get NBA 2k20 MT

There are variety of ways you can get MT in NBA 2k20. MT is an additional type of currency, aside from VC, that’s only used in the MyTEAM game mode. It’s most popularly used in the Auction House where you can get specific players to fill out your roster by bidding on single cards. You can also use MT to buy packs, but it’s usually recommended you only spend VC on packs as you can’t get MT as easily as you can VC, which is just by buying it right in the NBA 2k game.

Buy MT NBA 2k20

The fastest way to get MT is by buying MT in NBA 2k20. It’s not really recommended that you do this as it can result in your account getting banned. Or you can get scammed and not have a way to get your money back. The way this works is that the seller will have you put up a specific card at a high buy it now price and once you’ve paid them, they’ll buy the card at the agreed upon MT value. Prices can vary, but it’s usually $10-$15 for each MT purchased, with a discount for the more MT you buy. Again, this isn’t recommended and can result in your account being banned or your money being stolen.

Daily Log-In Bonus

2k gives you rewards just for logging in every day. At the end of the week you get a chance to spin the wheel for a bonus. The rewards you get throughout the week include MT, Tokens and packs. The packs can vary, but usually include Consumable Packs or Contract Packs. Just by logging in to NBA 2k20 MyTeam every day you can get more MT.

Collector Level Rewards

NBA 2k20 gives you different rewards for hitting different Collector Levels that they’ve built. For example, when you collect your first 20 cards, you hit the “Undrafted” Collector Level and you receive a reward of 100 MT. The top reward for MT is at 2000 cards collected, the All-Star Collector Level, and that gives you a staggering 100000 MT! Find out more info about NBA 2k20 Collector Levels and Rewards.

Collection Rewards

There aren’t too many collections that you can lock-in to receive MT, but the ones that do exist give you a really solid amount of MT. If you complete the Moments of the Week 4 set and lock it in, you receive 50,000 MT. This is a substantial amount of MT, though acquiring the 10 cards to do it will be a mission. At this time this is only the NBA 2k20 Collection Rewards that offers MT as the reward, but we’ll keep you posted if more are released.

Redeeming Locker Codes

NBA 2k20 Locker Codes are one of the most popular way to add new cards to your collection. These are usually released by 2k on Twitter, but there are other ways to get them too. Each week there is a Community Poll in the MyTEAM Community Hub, though this usually gives you VC instead of MT.

With the Locker Codes you generally get a chance at a pack, specific player, consumable, tokens, MT. The Locker Codes usually result in a Ball Drop and there are different prizes that can be won on the board. MT is usually not the main prize and specific cards or packs are more sought after. If you have multiple Ball Drops and you hit the same prize spot twice you usually just get bonus MT instead of that prize a second time. Another way to get MT out of Locker Codes is being quickselling or auctioning off the cards that you pull. Once you get so far into MyTEAM, you’re going to start pulling a bunch of duplicate cards. You can use these to quicksell or to auction off for higher values and this will let you get more MT in MyTEAM.

Using the Auction House to get MT

A popular way to get large amounts of MT is to buy packs or boxes with your VC, pull a higher end card, and then auction it off for a large amount of MT. Of course, this is heavily reliant upon the VC gods granting you pack luck, but if you get lucky you could get a single card that will sell for millions of MT on the auction house.

The use of the Auction House to acquire MT doesn’t stop there though. A really popular tactic is sniping cards. This involves scouring the Auction House for deals on cards to where you can buy low and sell high. You can create filters to try and find these deals, or just have a keen eye for cards that will soon increase in value. Almost every card you pull can be quicksold for a set amount of MT based upon the card’s type and rarity, or you can auction the card off. If you don’t plan on going for collector level bonuses, you can auction off all the cards you get that you don’t think you’ll use and this can be a nice way to build a stockpile of MT through the Auction House.

Playing Domination, Triple Threat, Weekly Challenges, Spotlight Challenges, Moments Challenges, MyTEAM Unlimited to get MT

Of course you can also earn MT by simply playing the game. Each game mode in MyTEAM will give you MT at the end of it and you can earn MT for completing different actions during the game. Some game modes have different MT values for what you do in the game, but the table below is a general outline of how much MT can be earned for each accomplishment. You can see that putting together combinations of these actions can result in a decent amount of MT for a single play. For example, a Smart Double Team with Multiple Defensive Stops paired with Good Shot Defense, a Block, a Rebound, a Made 3 Point Field Goal on a Fastbreak with an Assist would result in 40 MT on a single play. Simply getting a large amount of Assists on each Made Shot is a great way to build large amounts of MT with all of the other actions that naturally take place over the course of the game.

NBA 2k20 MT

MT Value
4 MT
8 MT
Dunk Made
3 MT
Fast Break
2 MT
Good Shot Defense
3 MT
2 MT
Made Shot (2 Point Field Goal) 
2 MT
Made Shot (3 Point Field Goal) 
3 MT
Multiple Defensive Stops 
12 MT
6 MT
Second Chance 
4 MT
6 MT
Free Throw Made 
1 MT
Smart Double Team 
2 MT

At the end of each game you get bonus MT for different things like the scoring differential, your shooting percentages, opponent strength bonus, and a multiplier for the difficulty level. This bonus applies to offline and online Triple Threat (TTO) games, Domination, Weekly Challenges, Spotlight Challenges and Moments of the Week. Shooting percentage based bonuses required a minimum amount of attempts which are mentioned below. Focusing on getting enough attempts to get the bonus while also making sure that you shoot them at a high percentage is key to getting a large amount of MT or fulfilling the MT Earned requirement depending on the game type.

Score Differential
Field Goal Percentage (Minimum 10 Shots)
3-Point Percentage (Minimum 5 Shots)
Free Throw Percentage (Minimum 10 Shots)
Opponent Strength Bonus
Difficulty Multiplier